General rental conditions



These general conditions are applicable to the rental of the cottages offered by SAS Domaine de Bagnegrole (in the process of registration), represented by Ms. Hélène BRETTE-BOUREAU and Mr. Sébastien BRETTE, 2 lieu dit Bagnegrole, 24220 Saint Cyprien. It is concluded between the operator, SAS Domaine de Bagnegrole represented by Mrs. Hélène BRETTE-BOUREAU and Mr. Sébastien BRETTE, the owner, and the tenant or also called client.


The applicable rental conditions are those defined in this document “rental conditions” and in the rental agreement which specifies the terms, these documents being signed during the reservation by both parties.
None modification of the terms of the contract (erasure, surcharge, etc.) will not be accepted without the written consent of both parties.
The online reservation and the payment of a deposit confirm the unconditional acceptance of these rental conditions and this even if the rental agreement has not been returned signed.


The owner agrees not to divulge to any third party the information, of any nature whatsoever, that the tenant will have had to give him during the execution of this contract.
 However, the latter provisions are not applicable with regard to requests for information which may be formulated by the administrations and / or the Courts.


The tenant signing the contract concluded for a fixed period may not under any circumstances invoke any right to remain in the premises beyond the date of departure initially provided for when booking.
The length of stay for our accommodation is  three nights minimum depending on the accommodation and the period and one week minimum for our accommodation in medium, high and very high season.


The number of people occupying the cottage must not exceed that provided for in the contract, under penalty of termination of the rental. However, additional occupants may be accepted (without exceeding the accommodation capacity), subject to our prior agreement and the payment of a stay price per additional person.
Rental and equipment made available (barbecue, swimming pool, gardens, etc.) can in no way benefit external third parties, except with the prior written consent of the owner.
The tenant is prohibited from subletting, under any pretext whatsoever, even free of charge , under penalty of termination of contract.

Art 6 – RATES

The prices as well as the periods to which they are applicable are mentioned in the “prices” section. In the event of a rate change, the applicable rate is that in effect on the day of the reservation and mentioned on the contract sent to the customer. The prices mentioned relate to the rental periods and to the services specified in the prices section.
Any rental request over a period not offered on our prices or comprising services different from the services offered in our prices will be subject to ‘a specific commercial offer.


The reservation becomes effective as soon as the customer has paid a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the price of the stay and the return of two copies of the contract, repeating in full the present general conditions, duly signed and bearing the mention “good for agreement”.
The balance of the price of the stay will be paid no later than 45 days before arrival.
In the event that the reservation is made less than 45 days before the date of ‘planned occupation, the payment of the total rental amount will then be settled when booking.

If the balance of the price of the stay is not paid no later than 45 days before arrival, the deposit will be retained and the owner is entitled to rent the property to other customers.

Only reservations confirmed by the payment of a deposit will be accepted, pending receipt of the deposit, the accommodation remains available for rent.


The tenant pays a variable deposit upon arrival depending on the property rented.
The amount of the deposit is specified on the rental contract.
The owner can proceed to the immediate collection of the security deposit.
It will be returned within a maximum period of 15 days from the departure of the tenant, deduction made by the owner of the amounts payable by the tenant for the purposes of repairing the premises, various repairs, damage, etc.
The amount of these deductions must be duly justified by the owner on the basis of the exit inventory, bailiff’s report, estimate, invoices, etc.
If the security deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to complete the sum on the basis of the supporting documents provided by the owner .


The inventory and inventory of furniture and various equipment will be made at the start and end of the stay by the owner and the tenant.
In the event that it is impossible to carry out the inventory during the arrival, the tenant will have 24 hours to check the displayed inventory and report to the owner any anomalies noted.
After this period, the rented goods will be considered free from damage and the inventory in accordance with the description appended to the contract. the entry of the tenant.
A contradictory inventory of fixtures must be established. The tenant accepts that this inventory can be carried out either with the owner or with an agent of the owner duly authorized and provided with a written authorization.
If the owner finds damage, he will mention it on the report places of exit or will inform the tenant within a week in the event of a finding after the tenant has left.


The tenant will enjoy the rental in a peaceful manner and will make good use of it, in accordance with the destination of the premises.
Upon departure, the tenant agrees to make the rental as clean as he will have found on his arrival.
All the equipment in the inventory must be returned to the place it occupied when entering the premises.
The tenant agrees not to move large furniture and in any case to put the furniture back to the location in which it will have found it when entering the premises.
Any repair regardless of the importance, made necessary by the negligence of the tenant during the rental will be at his expense.
The rented premises are for temporary accommodation or vacation use, excluding any professional, commercial or craft activity of any kind whatsoever, even in a complementary or occasional character of the dwelling (maximum 3 months).
The installation of tents or caravans or any form of camping is strictly prohibited on the entire property.


Arrivals are from 5 p.m. and before 9 p.m., and departures before 10 a.m.
In the case of a later arrival, it is imperative to inform us before 7 p.m. otherwise we cannot ensure entry into the premises until 9 am the next day.


The tenant is required to insure the premises that are entrusted or rented to him.
He must therefore check if his main housing contract provides for the resort extension (vacation rental).
In otherwise, he must intervene with his insurance company and claim the extension of the guarantee or take out a special contract, under a holiday clause.
An insurance certificate will be requested. on entering the premises or failing that a declaration of honor.


We draw your attention to the safety of children, our property may present a number of risks in the event of a lack of supervision by parents or responsible persons: fenced swimming pool (and protected by approved alarm), living room ‘water, various stone walls, proximity to horses and passage of riders, open property open to the surrounding woods and fields …
We ask you to warn your children and to ensure their safety at all times .


The owner provides tenants with various equipment: swimming pool, sauna, summer kitchen, gardens, parking lots, etc. which can be used by all tenants.
The use of these equipment must be carried out in a friendly atmosphere with the other tenants, respecting the tranquility of all.
It will be a question in particular to take care to respect the rest of the hosts so that all can benefit from a pleasant stay (noise in the late arrival, evening meal, activities in the gardens or the swimming pool ….)
In the event of disturbances or non-compliance with these clauses, the owner reserves the right to prohibit access by disturbers to the common areas or to end the stay (see termination clauses).
In all cases the use of the common areas engages the responsibility of the occupant users, in particular for the swimming pool or the sauna where the tenants undertake to insure them – even the supervision, safety and good behavior of children and their relatives.

Art 15 – PETS

For safety reasons related to the presence of horses and riders as well as other animals, we ask animal owners to ensure supervision and to clean up the droppings. The tenant must also take care to preserve the calm of the place for the well-being of all.


The Domaine de Bagnegrole welcomes the horses of tenants during their holidays to the exclusion of any accommodation of horses alone.
The accommodation services offered for equines are mentioned on our website and included in the contract rental.
The accommodation of equines gives rise to the payment of a daily amount per equine and depending on the type of food provided.
The Domaine de Bagnegrole provides various facilities: meadows, shelters , saddlery … which can only be used by the owners of the equines under their own responsibility and in a friendly atmosphere with the other owners present on the estate.
The Domaine de Bagnegrole reserves the right to organize the accommodation of equines taking into account the specificities of horses (sex, behavior, incompatibilities, etc.).
In any case, horses can only be accepted after communication of: copy of the SIRE file, up-to-date vaccination record, deworming certificate and valid insurance certificate.
A specific accommodation contract for equines will be communicated on request.


Any termination must be notified by registered letter:

  1. Termination at the initiative of the tenant:
    Any termination of this contract at the initiative of the tenant must be sent to the owner by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the address indicated at the top hereof, the date of receipt by the owner as proof.

– cancellation between 60 days and 45 days before the start of the stay: the amount of the deposit paid will be refunded
– cancellation between 45 days before the start of the stay and before the 21st day included before the start of the stay: 50% of the price of the stay will be retained
– cancellation between the 20th and the 8th day included before the start of the stay: 75% of the price of the stay will be retained

– cancellation between the 7th and the day of arrival: 100% of the price of the stay will be retained.

When, before entering the premises and regardless of the time at which it occurs, the termination made by the tenant is based on a duly justified case of force majeure, the owner must return within 30 days of this termination the full amount of the deposit paid.

2. If the tenant has not shown up on the day mentioned on the contract and after 24 hours and without notice from the owner:

– this contract is considered terminated,
– the deposit remains with the owner,
– the owner can dispose of the rental

3. If the tenant shows up to take possession of the premises with a number of occupants greater than the number specified in the contract or if the tenant has a pet not mentioned when signing the rental contract or not accepted in writing by the lessor , this contract will be terminated automatically under the terms defined in the paragraph above.

4. Termination at the initiative of the owner:
Before entering the premises:
In the event of termination of this contract by the owner before entering the premises, for any reason whatsoever except in cases of force majeure, he will pay the tenant the amount of the deposit received plus interest at the legal rate (the starting point for the amount of interest runs from (expiration of a period of three months from the payment of the down payments, until the return).
This return will be sent to the tenant by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt within 15 days from the notification of termination.
After entering the premises :
When the termination of the contract by the owner occurs during the period rental, it must be duly justified (failure to pay the rent, bad check issued by the tenant, proven deterioration of the rented premises, complaints from the neighborhood, presence of animals not accepted, presence of tenants not specified in the contract, etc.). The owner reserves the right to keep the amount of the security deposit under the conditions specified in the paragraph “security deposit (or surety)”.
Whatever the cause of the termination, the full amount of the rent remains with the owner.


In the event of an early interruption of the stay by the tenant, and if the owner’s responsibility is not called into question, no refund will be made, except for the security deposit.
If the tenant justifies serious reasons presenting the characteristics of force majeure (unforeseeable, irresistible event external to the tenant) making it impossible for the rental to proceed, the contract is automatically terminated. The amount of rents already paid by the tenant is returned to him, in proportion to the period of occupancy that remained to be carried out.


Any complaint must be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within a maximum period of 8 days following the contractual end of the stay.
Disputes are exclusively the responsibility of the Courts of Dordogne.